Knitted Felt Rug

by strangewhitemoth

Here are some in progress images of the rug I’ve been working on for a while now. The planned finish piece will be a medium sized rug made of 100% wool felt cord in a natural dark grey.  


 I wanted the scale of the knitted fabric to be greatly oversized -about a square inch per stitch. After doing tons of samples, I found that the best results, based on time efficiency and texture, came from taking 100% wool yarn and knitting it into tubing. I then took this tubing and knit with it on one inch diameter custom made knitting needles. The next step will be to take the giant knit fabric and felt it until the tubing becomes a dense, soft cord.  I’ll be doing that this weekend, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed until it’s finished.


In the process of knitting.




Lilly thought I might need another stick.


For comparison: the original wool yarn next to the tubing it was made into.


Felted sample sitting on the pre-felted rug fabric. You can see the difference between the  initial tubing with visible stitches (on the rug) and the dense cord created after felting.


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